ROCKtri Development Programme 2017

ROCKtri Development Programme 2017

ROCKtri, the official triathlon enthusiast club of Rock The Naked Truth, is excited to launch a brand new development programme to encourage more people to enter the world of multisport!


1) Show us proof of receipt of an upcoming multisport race in 2017 (local or overseas) you have signed up for.

2) Attend at least 75% of our workshops from now to December (calendar of events to be released soon).

3) Receive an exclusive ROCKtri swag pack* worth S$600 with exciting things from Specialized, 2XU and Aquasphere!
*Only 25 packs are available.

5 participants will be given the opportunity to be a ROCKtri athlete and receive one sponsored local race entry and a customised 2XU ROCKtri trisuit!

To be part of this programme, sign up for an account on our website and then head to Events and register under ROCKtri development programme. We will then email you and inform you of upcoming events.


JULY – TALK: How to get started in triathlons / Introduction to a basic training programme
AUGUST – WORKSHOP: Bike handling + Road ride
SEPTEMBER – TALK: Transition practice / Preparation for race
OCTOBER – WORKSHOP: Swim basics (in the pool)
NOVEMBER – WORKSHOP: Indoor cycling


  1. The ROCKtri development programme is free and open to anyone; Singaporean citizens or foreigners, male or female, any age.
  2. A multisport race refers to any race that consists of at least 2 of the 3 disciplines of swim, bike and run; eg. aquathlon, biathlon, duathlon or triathlon.
  3. After signing up and registering for this programme, we will email you and you can then send us proof of receipt of your upcoming race.
  4. This upcoming race can be a local or overseas race, and must be in 2017.
  5. Once the proof of receipt is confirmed, you are eligible to stand a chance and win the ROCKtri swag pack worth S$600.
  6. The ROCKtri swag pack will only be given to you after successful completion of at least 75% attendance of our workshops (from July to December 2017).
  7. Over the course of the programme, the 5 most committed participants will be chosen as ROCKtri athletes and receive a sponsored local race entry as well as customised ROCKtri trisuit from 2XU.


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  • Tinee Dino (@tineedino) didn't like looking at numbers, so he used a plain strip of paper to measure his waist. He needed a longer one this week.
// A collaboration by @rockthenakedtruthsg and @tineedino //
This illustration is available to purchase! Send us a message to enquire further on how you can have this on a hand-drawn card. #rockthenakedtruth #tineedino #loveyourselfeveryday #loveyourself #youarebeautiful #iambeautiful #bodyconfidence #beingyou #selfconfidence #motivation #inspiration #rockfam
  • We wanted to highlight our ROCKstar of the Month (April), @keanenlee, again. He submitted his story through ROCKshare early last year, but took some time to find the courage to join us. He finally came to @rockrunnerssg towards the end of last year and has been coming back ever since. •
He said, " life took a change for the worst when I was 15. My grandmother passed away on the day she was due to be discharged from the hospital. It was devastating news that sank my world.
To put things into context, my brother and I lived with our grandparents since we were babies, while my other two siblings stayed with my parents in the opposite block. Thus, this piece of news hit me really hard and I was very affected.
Although I managed to pick myself up from this, nothing was the same anymore. The relationship between my grandfather and parents started to drift apart. Being stuck in the middle, the kids weren’t having it any easier as well."
Keanen went through even more trials and tribulations in his life but he eventually overcame them. He added, "Without you my ROCKfam, I would never have expected myself to step out of my comfort zone and share my story with everyone. To everyone else who is reading this, I do not know of the battles you are fighting in your life, but I hope that you press on and in the process, remember to love yourself and those around you a little more. Everyone fights, no one quits."
  • Let's share some inspiration today - tag someone who inspires you to be better! It can be a friend, family, celebrity... anyone! #rockthenakedtruth #loveyourselfeveryday #loveyourself #youarebeautiful #iambeautiful #bodyconfidence #beingyou #selfconfidence #motivation #inspiration #rockfam
  • It's not about the number on the scale - it's how you feel. // #repost @saraweeyogic 
10 years apart and 10 kilos heavier. 
I'm not here to say I look better now than I did when I was 21; there's nothing wrong with my body in either photo. I'm just here to say that the weighing scale is just one of many factors that a play a part in your journey to getting fit, so an increased number does not equate to an increased size in your physical body. 
And don't be scared of developing muscles, we at @rockthenakedtruthsg think they're awesome!
  • Tinee Dino (@tineedino) made sure he had his sweatband off before weighing himself this time. He hoped the result would be drastically different.
// A collaboration by @rockthenakedtruthsg and @tineedino //
This illustration is available to purchase! Send us a message to enquire further on how you can have this on a hand-drawn card. #rockthenakedtruth #tineedino #loveyourselfeveryday #loveyourself #youarebeautiful #iambeautiful #bodyconfidence #beingyou #selfconfidence #motivation #inspiration #rockfam
  • Sometimes you just have to trust the process. #rockthenakedtruth #loveyourselfeveryday #loveyourself #youarebeautiful #iambeautiful #bodyconfidence #beingyou #selfconfidence #motivation #inspiration #rockfam
  • #Repost @cheryltaysg •••
Someone said to me the other day, "When I saw you, you don't look like the type who exercises... but actually you're decent on the bike." It was an honest comment not meant to wound, but it also reflects how people still hold the stereotype that athletes should be of a certain body type. •
I wouldn't call myself an athlete; this is a lifestyle to me rather but I DO exercise... quite a bit... I know I don't have toned arms or slim legs, I don't have abs etc; but do we need those before we can exercise? We shouldn't be exercising to get those either! I just like working out!! •
I wasn't offended, but it reminded me of how people are so quick to judge. Life isn't about how we look; it's about how we choose to live it. And I'm damn proud of my body, curves and jiggles and all, for taking me through the pain on this crazy tri journey! #cheryltayworksout #rockthenakedtruth #loveyourselfeveryday #loveyourself #youarebeautiful #iambeautiful #bodyconfidence #beingyou #selfconfidence #motivation #inspiration #rockfam