Netty Lie: Love your imperfections

I have always been a tall slender girl for my entire life and my weight had never exceeded 60kg in the past. Then I got married and pregnant in the same year and gained a crazy 25kg in my first pregnancy. I remember being a shocking 85kg super huge pregnant mama at the end of my pregnancy and it was a bit depressing. Luckily I managed to lose 20kg of that weight when my son turned 8 months old by almost exclusively breastfeeding him. I went on to conceive my second child when my first child was 10 months old, with the extra 5kg post-baby weight I didn’t manage to lose.

Like my first pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight in my second pregnancy too – 17 kg to be exact. I was told and I read that breastfeeding would make me go back to my pre-pregnancy shape fast, but it wasn’t really true for my case. I only lost a sad 6kg in 7 months!

I was pretty depressed – 7 months post-delivery and I was 70kg! Just breastfeeding alone apparently didn’t help me to shed the excess weight. Breastfeeding may have worked well to lose the weight with my first child but NOT with my second child. I remember I had only 5 months to go before my daughter’s first birthday and I wondered if I could look good again, so it was pretty depressing looking at the scale.

So, decided I needed to lose weight. Since my daughter had been eating solid well and cutting down on nursing sessions, I thought it would be okay for me to change my diet and start exercising. I made some changes for the first time and my motivation was simply because I wanted to look good, just like before.

I had a few inspirational figures in fitness but the only one who motivated me the most was MYSELF! Yes! Simply because I loved to look good and feel good! This was already enough motivation for me to take fitness classes to tone up my body after giving birth and working hard for my kids so I can feel beautiful inside out!

People with insecurities and jealousy issues keep bringing me down but it’s up to ME whether I  want to be dragged down by their insecurities or not. Sourness remains sour and haters are always out there – it’s a fact we can’t change but we gotta move on. We gotta think positively and not let any negative elements affect our life.

I have imperfections. I have saggy breasts from breastfeeding 2 kids, I have extra loose skin on my tummy from gaining and losing so much weight. I have operation scars and stretch marks too. But these imperfections are beautiful to me. These imperfections are the results of having 2 perfectly beautiful children and without those imperfections, my life wouldn’t be the same, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today and I wouldn’t be a mother of a handsome boy and a beautiful girl! These beautiful imperfections drives me to work harder, try harder and stay stronger for things I want to achieve in life – such as loving myself more because I believe I’m perfect in my own imperfect ways.
I have been maintaining my pre-pregnancy weight very well now. I’m currently 56 kg, from the previous 70kg I was, having lost about 14 kg. I have never felt so good with my body shape before and it’s absolutely boosting my confidence level as a mummy of 2 kids. It’s also proven that regular exercise helps. Not only do I feel fitter, I feel more positive towards life too. I am not just a mum, I am a wife and most importantly I am myself too; that’s giving me enough reason to take care and enjoy myself through fitness and having my personal time.

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