Terms and Conditions

I agree to the following terms and conditions stipulated below. I will not hold ROCK THE NAKED TRUTH (the β€œEvent”) or CHERYL TAY SG (the β€œOrganiser”) liable for my own personal actions. I hereby accept and agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. The Organiser, reserves the rights, at its sole discretion, to reject your application to compete at this Event for any reason whatsoever and shall not be required to provide reasons for such rejection.

2. You understand that it is your responsibility to consult a physician regarding your ability to participate in the Event, and that participating in this imposes physical demands on you.

3. You will withdraw from this Event or any part of it while suffering from any infections or contagious illnesses, including but not limited to open cuts, open sores or minor infections, where there is any risk that such participation or use in such condition may be detrimental to the health, safety, comfort of physical condition of other competitors in this competition. You will bring any of such matters to the attention of the Organiser if in any doubt.

4. Any person who is pregnant, under medication and/or suffering from or having suffered from any medical disability is strongly advised to seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner before participating in this event.

5. No person who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol is permitted to participate in this event. The participant caught, will be withdrawn from the competition immediately and handed over to the relevant authorities.

6. A participant will be withdrawn from the competition if they are causing distress or other form of unhappiness, or engaging in harassment of other members, or such is causing other members to feel unsafe in their presence.

Limitation of Liability

7. You are aware and acknowledge that, participating in this event may create a risk or possibility of injury, giving the nature of the sport as a highly intense form of physical exercise.

8. You voluntarily accept the risk of such injury involved in the participation of the event and agree that the Organiser and its staff shall not be responsible for any claims, demands, damages, losses, loss of profit or business, actions or legal proceedings due to death, injury, loss or damage to your person or property or to the person or property of other participants arising out of, or in connection with your participation in the event, subject always to applicable laws and regulations.

9. You hereby agree to defend, indemnify on demand and hold harmless the Organiser and any of the staff from all claims which may be brought against them arising out of or in connection with such events and all costs and expenses incidental thereto.

10. The Organiser is not responsible for any items lost or stolen on its premises for any reason whatsoever. You are solely responsible for taking care of your personal belongings on the premises of the venue.

Personal Data

11. By entering into this agreement, you hereby give your express consent, pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, No. 26 of 2012, Singapore to the Organiser to take the following actions in relations to your personal data:
a. Use your personal data for processing applications, sending you information and updates and any other purpose in connection with the operations of the Organiser; and/or
b. Disclose your personal data to any member of the Organiser associated companies, any agent, contractor or person who provides administration, telecommunication, computer and other services to the Organiser in connection with the operations of the organisation.
c. You have the right of access and correction with respect to your personal data provided to the Organiser pursuant to this agreement.


12. I acknowledge and agree that the copyright and all other intellectual property rights in and to the photographs, recordings, or any other records taken of me for the Event shall vest solely and absolutely in the Organiser without further compensation.

13. Entire Agreement. You agree that this agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and the Organiser with respect to the subject matter of this agreement and that it supersedes all prior or contemporaneous proposals, agreements, negotiations, representations, warranties, understandings, correspondence and all other communications (whether written or oral, expressed or implied) or agreements entered into between you and the Organiser or any of its staff prior to this agreement in respect of the matters dealt with in it. You acknowledge and agree that no promise, inducement, representation or agreement other than as expressly set forth in this agreement has been made to you.

14. Waiver. No failure to exercise, nor any delay in exercising, on the part of the Organiser, any right or remedy under this agreement shall operate as a waiver, nor shall any single or partial exercise of any right or remedy prevent any further or other exercise or the exercise of any other right or remedy. The rights or remedies provided in this agreement are cumulative and not exclusive of any rights or remedies provided by law.

15. All conditions stated in this agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.

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  • Always there to give a smile, lend support and spread happiness - that's what we at @rockrunnerssg aim to do best! #throwback to the Shape Run where we created quite a lot of "noise" at the finish line, heehee!! #rockthenakedtruth #rockrunnerssg #shaperun2017
  • Tinee Dino (@tineedino) gave up on the tee he bought online. He decided to paint clothes on instead for a perfect fit.
A collaboration by @rockthenakedtruthsg and @tineedino
This illustration is available to purchase! Send us a message to enquire further on how you can have this on a hand-drawn card. #rockthenakedtruth #tineedino #loveyourselfeveryday #loveyourself #youarebeautiful #iambeautiful #bodyconfidence #beingyou #selfconfidence #motivation #inspiration #rockfam
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  • So we had a cycling clinic today for ROCKtri where the @sgmavericks took us through some drills before a quick road ride! We hope it was useful and that everyone learnt something. Our next ROCKtri workshop will be on 16 Sep, 5pm at Specialized (at Vertex) - it will be a workshop on transition practice and bike care. Registration opens on Monday! #rockthenakedtruth #rocktri
  • We had a really good start to the weekend with the first official training run for the SCSM Women Squad! Thank you for waking up early and making it down to @theautobus.cc to run with us @rockrunnerssg!! Lots of smiles and happy faces - stay chio always!!! #rockthenakedtruth
  • We still have slots for our ROCKtri workshop this Saturday - a bike handling clinic conducted by the amazing cyclists of @sgmavericks, where we will do some drills before going for a 20km ride down Tanah Merah Coastal Road. Sign up at www.rockthenakedtruth.com/events. It's free and open to anyone! #rockthenakedtruth #rocktri
  • Our official running club @rockrunnerssg is super excited to head the first ever SCSM Women Squad this year, as we run an all-ladies training programme leading up to the SCSM. Blessed for this opportunity! We will see you ladies very soon!! #rockthenakedtruth #rockrunnerssg #scsmwomensquad
  • Nobody has the perfect definition of beauty, so what's stopping you from thinking you're the most beautiful? 😘😘😘 #rockthenakedtruth