Stanley Ng: Health is wealth

It started 2.5 yrs ago when I was 116kg. I have everything in my life as a result of my hard work with my wife – we stay in a landed house, we drive luxury cars, we have a chauffeur and we have country club memberships. And of course, I had all of that weight! The turning point was this day when I brought one of my sons to watch a movie. After the movie, he realised he left his iPad at the cinema. I rushed back up the stairs to get it for him, but I nearly blacked

Nicholas Cho: Start being healthy now

My fitness journey started on a wrong note. Back when I started my business in 2003, early mornings and late nights were the norm, and to keep myself sane, smoking three packs a day was probably my only workout. Fresh out of army and at 75kg, I thought nothing about my diet and health, and it wasn’t long when I ballooned to a massive 98kg within two years. Irregular meals, weekend partying and a total lack of exercise meant an extremely unhealthy regime. At that time,

Keanen Lee: Be better than you were yesterday

I’m a small dude – standing at 1.58m tall, weighing in at 54kg. I’ve read a few of the inspirational stories on this website and from what I’ve gathered, I think I’m quite lucky. I’m not down with any chronic illnesses nor did I get bullied in school; my insecurities came from myself mainly. I’ve been short and chubby all my life, but I wasn’t really affected by it until i was about 13. Moving on to secondary school, people there

Lisa Jones: It’s crazy how capable our bodies are

It’s crazy how capable our bodies are. Yet despite all that our bodies do for us, we somehow seize nearly every opportunity we get to tear it down by not loving ourselves and our bodies enough. Imagine completing an Ironman triathlon – your body is put under tremendous pressure as you complete a 3.86km swim, a 180.25km cycle, and followed by a 42.2km run. In Lisa Samantha Jones’ case, she didn’t just complete an Ironman triathlon in 2012 – she

ROCKstar of the Month (May 2016): Kerrin Kua

When Kerrin Kua first wrote in to share her story on our portal, she requested to be anonymous because she wasn’t ready to tell the world about her struggles. However, Rock The Naked Truth and our various initiatives have allowed her to fight the inner battle better and give her the confidence to recover from her eating disorder and body image issues. Instead of the usual interview we do with our ROCKstar of the Month awardee, we decided to let Kerrin tell her story in her own

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  • It may be bothering you more than it should be and you know you shouldn’t let it affect you, but you can’t help it. It’s bugging you day and night, especially when you’re alone. It will take time to get over it, but don’t stop working at moving on... because one day you will look back and laugh at how much this used to bother you. #rockthenakedtruth
  • Everyone was feeling the burn from the ROCKtri pain cave, but a sweet reward awaited them at the end - thank you @specializedsg for the helmets and jerseys!!! Christmas sure came early... •
This brings us to the end of our 2017 ROCKtri Programme and you have been an important part of it, but stay in store for more exciting stuff from us in 2018! #rockthenakedtruth #rocktri
  • And just like that, the SCSM Women Squad 2017 Programme by @rockrunnerssg is over! We hope you ladies benefited from the training runs, talks and workouts over the 4 months. Most importantly, we hope you had fun and also made lots of new running friends! It’s just a little over 2 weeks to the race, so take care of yourself and we will see you at the finish line!!! (Huge thank you to, @heidirunningtheworld, @mokyingrong, @ufitsingapore, @anabel.chew, @webarre, @denisekellerofficial and for being part of this initiative ❤️❤️❤️
#rockthenakedtruth #scsmwomensquad #rockrunnerssg #scsm2017 #girlpower
  • Yup, we should take time to count our blessings... instead of counting calories and making ourselves miserable! (📷: @gilbertyang) #rockthenakedtruth
  • Yoga with @denisekellerofficial in session now! #scsmwomensquad
  • Paula Abdul started dancing at a young age and she learned that she didn't fit in physically, which led to her being rejected countless times at auditions.
She went to a dance camp at the age of 15 and that's where she learnt how her dance friends kept themselves so thin. They would make themselves vomit after they ate. •
So at the age of 16, Paula began to use this unhealthy tactic as a way of controlling her weight. This was the start of her 17 years in the hell of bulimia.
Paula rose to fame when her talent was discovered and the desire to stay thin intensified. She felt nervous and out of control, and all she could think about was food. Food numbed the fear and anxiety. She would eat and thn punge. •
In 1994, Paula decided to seek professional help and went through a month-long bulimia treatment programme. Finally, her 17-year battle came to an end. •
Through therapy, Paula realised that her bulimia was a way of suppressing her feelings. Dealing with her neglected emotions helped her to recover too.
Thus, don’t keep everything in all the time. Find a trusted adult to speak to or look for a professional who can help you. You don’t have to go through this alone. #rockthenakedtruth
  • It may be hard to cut someone loose, but sometimes it is necessary. Find that courage to walk away. It will hurt for a while but you will feel much better in time. #rockthenakedtruth
  • What a haps weekend we had! We had our usual weekly dosage of happiness at @rockrunnerssg, we were at the YOLO Run, we had filming with Mediacorp for the SCSM Women Squad and then we were at the Great Eastern Women Run too! Hope you had a fulfilling weekend - life is too short to be miserable so get out there and live your life! #rockthenakedtruth #rockrunnerssg