Christine Leong, 30
project manager

"I first got to know about Rock The Naked Truth from my friend Susan. She knows I've been pretty occupied with my work and haven't been working out regularly for nearly a year.
I shared with her that I was having a hard time finding the motivation to exercise, so she invited me to join her for the first ROCKrunners session at East Coast Park back in Jan 2016.
At that time, without knowing what RTNT was all about, I went and attempted my first 5km run. I remember it was a gruesome 5km for me. I was struggling to catch up with the rest right from the start of the run.
But Cheryl and her crew made sure that I was taken care of and gave me advice on how I should learn to listen to my body and to run at my own comfortable pace. When I was approaching the finishing line, I could see the rest of the group cheering for me. I felt really touched and it gave me strength to complete that last stretch.
Everyone was very supportive and friendly, and it made me feel like we were part of a family. Hence I started regularly attending ROCKrunners, as well as other RTNT events. From there, I found myself improving and enjoying long runs.
RTNT plays an important part in my life and joining the group is something I look forward to every week. Like what we always say, its our weekly dose of HAPPY PILL!
I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Cheryl - thank you for starting RTNT and for igniting my passion for fitness all over again. Continue to strive for what you love and I know that you are going to be an inspiration to so so many more! Keep rockin' RTNT!"

On Instagram

  • Always there to give a smile, lend support and spread happiness - that's what we at @rockrunnerssg aim to do best! #throwback to the Shape Run where we created quite a lot of "noise" at the finish line, heehee!! #rockthenakedtruth #rockrunnerssg #shaperun2017
  • Tinee Dino (@tineedino) gave up on the tee he bought online. He decided to paint clothes on instead for a perfect fit.
A collaboration by @rockthenakedtruthsg and @tineedino
This illustration is available to purchase! Send us a message to enquire further on how you can have this on a hand-drawn card. #rockthenakedtruth #tineedino #loveyourselfeveryday #loveyourself #youarebeautiful #iambeautiful #bodyconfidence #beingyou #selfconfidence #motivation #inspiration #rockfam
  • #RRrepresent at yday's Shape Run!! Did you hear us or get a high-5 from us near the finish line? πŸ–πŸ»πŸ–πŸ»πŸ–πŸ» @rockrunnerssg #rockthenakedtruth #rockrunnerssg
  • So we had a cycling clinic today for ROCKtri where the @sgmavericks took us through some drills before a quick road ride! We hope it was useful and that everyone learnt something. Our next ROCKtri workshop will be on 16 Sep, 5pm at Specialized (at Vertex) - it will be a workshop on transition practice and bike care. Registration opens on Monday! #rockthenakedtruth #rocktri
  • We had a really good start to the weekend with the first official training run for the SCSM Women Squad! Thank you for waking up early and making it down to @theautobus.cc to run with us @rockrunnerssg!! Lots of smiles and happy faces - stay chio always!!! #rockthenakedtruth
  • We still have slots for our ROCKtri workshop this Saturday - a bike handling clinic conducted by the amazing cyclists of @sgmavericks, where we will do some drills before going for a 20km ride down Tanah Merah Coastal Road. Sign up at www.rockthenakedtruth.com/events. It's free and open to anyone! #rockthenakedtruth #rocktri
  • Our official running club @rockrunnerssg is super excited to head the first ever SCSM Women Squad this year, as we run an all-ladies training programme leading up to the SCSM. Blessed for this opportunity! We will see you ladies very soon!! #rockthenakedtruth #rockrunnerssg #scsmwomensquad
  • Nobody has the perfect definition of beauty, so what's stopping you from thinking you're the most beautiful? 😘😘😘 #rockthenakedtruth