ROCKstar of the Month (October): Teo Kang Kiat

ROCKstar of the Month (October): Teo Kang Kiat

It was the last 200m of the half marathon and I squeezed out whatever energy I had left in my legs to give a last sprint, brushing my sweat against people and trying to reach the finish line. As I crossed the finish line, I felt relieved and elated that it was finally over, that I had completed my very first half marathon.

But when I saw the timing I took to complete it, I felt a tinge of regret, because of all the things I did wrongly. I didn’t manage to get a good sleep before the race, I didn’t eat enough before the race, I didn’t manage to pace myself properly because my phone was showing me the wrong pace due to the high-rise buildings affecting my phone’s GPS, I even ran a little too much the day before the race.


Nonetheless, it was a lesson to be learnt. And now that it’s over, I’m looking forward to my favourite part about races…. Pictures and FOOD with my friends after!

I’ve never been interested in running; even during my army days, I never really trained for my IPPT but somehow always managed to pass (never going below 12 minutes for my 2.4km run though). However, one day in 2016, I decided to start running on my own because I stumbled upon an article regarding the benefits of LISS (Low Intensity Steady State cardio) and wanted to try it in hope of burning some calories.

I started by taking it easy at first, but I soon became obsessed with trying to increase the distance I can run. All that was going through my mind while running was that I MUST run more than I did last week. Eventually, I got tired of running every week, tired of just trying to clock mileage. I got so sick of running that I stopped running completely. That was until I joined ROCKrunners this year.

I’ve been following ROCKrunners for a while and I’ve always wanted to join their weekly runs, but I feared that I would be awkward because I didn’t know anyone there, so I didn’t. Then one day, I was scrolling through my Instastories and I saw the story that ROCKrunners had posted, of them doing intervals and they seemed like they were having fun. I don’t know what came over me at that moment, but I messaged them on Instagram, telling that that I was interested to join them for their run the following week.

The following Saturday, as I made my way to The Lawn, I got more nervous with each step I took. When I arrived, I joined them for the warm up and introduced myself. During the run, I got to know Sheryl, Sam, Dalton and Philly.

Since then, I’ve been joining ROCKrunners on the weekly runs on a regular basis. I now enjoy running so much more because of the company that I have. Running with friends is so much more enjoyable than running alone; encouraging each other, being motivated just by looking at the back of your friends who are running in front of you. (I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has ever ran with me and cheered me on.)

I’ve always wanted to attempt a half marathon but I feared that I wouldn’t be able to complete it or that I would end up with an unsatisfactory timing. Then I saw Shan Ming’s Instastory about SingTel’s Race Against Cancer. I went to look up the race and saw that they had a category of 15km. I thought to myself that 15km “seems manageable” so I decided to sign up for it after a few days of consideration.


On the race day, I remember feeling nervous and fearful that I would not be able to complete the 15km. However, while waiting for the race to start, Shan Ming and Connie kept encouraging me and told me to take it easy as it was my first race. At the end of the race, I realised my fears were unfounded and I did better than I expected.

Something I’ve come to realise is that life is your own race, run whatever pace you want to run, and be happy with it. Sometimes you’ll feel invincible, sometimes you’ll stumble and fall, but just smile and enjoy the moment, even in the hardest of times.


On Instagram

  • (3/10) Going on to secondary school, I was actively involved in the badminton, track and cross-country school teams. So, the baby fat naturally fell off and I became quite thin (pic on left) without having to watch my diet. •
But nobody taught me anything about nutrition and I thought that so long as I exercise, I can eat anything I want. So I kept on eating all the junk in the world! •
I gradually put on weight because I was constantly hungry due to the high frequency of training and I ate what I liked, thinking that I could out-train a bad diet. As a result of the training, my body developed differently from the average girl’s. My arms, thighs and butt were bigger for example. But it didn’t bother me because I was happy with my performance in sports. •
Then I met my first boyfriend and I had butterflies in my stomach from the excitement and novelty. Sadly, he left me after a month for “not being hot/pretty enough”. He was ashamed of being seen with me in public and he would often compare me to pretty girls we see on the streets. At only 16, my self-esteem took a massive beating and from then on, I felt very conscious of myself. •
It didn’t help that someone asked if my secondary school prom night pic (on the right) was a picture of my mum. This was where I started to develop low self-esteem.. where the manifest officially started... •
(In this 10-part series, our founder @cheryltaysg tells her story of how she suffered from eating disorders...) #rockthenakedtruth #bodyimage #eatingdisorders #loveyourbody #loveyourself
  • (2/10) I wasn’t born chubby, but I gained a considerable amount of weight when puberty hit me at 12. I grew a love for junk food and I remember eating six roti pratas (with egg) and two Milo Dinosaurs for breakfast. I would also empty out my piggy bank to buy chips, chocolate, ice cream and soft drinks... and hide them behind my books so that my parents won’t find them. •
In school, my classmates wouldn’t let me off. They gave me the nickname “Sharity” (that pink charity elephant) because it sounded like my name, I liked pink and I was chubby. I played Netball for class and wasn’t too bad in the NAPFA test, but I wasn’t spared from the bullying. •
I was the last to take the school bus every morning and this group of skinny girls, who sat at the back row, would intentionally squeeze into the three seats (of five). They then took out a long ruler to “measure” the remaining two seats and say: “Is this enough space for you Cheryl?”
At that point, I didn’t feel too bad about myself yet. I didn’t think I was fat or ugly, but I believe it was the beginning of the manifest... •
((In this 10-part series, our founder @cheryltaysg tells her story of how she suffered from eating disorders...) #rockthenakedtruth #bodyimage #eatingdisorders #loveyourbody #loveyourself
  • (1/10) I recall the horror that would overwhelm me when I saw the digits on the scale increase, before I proceeded to slap myself and dig my nails deep to scratch along the sides of my face and forearms.
I wouldn’t stop until I bled, as it was ‘punishment’ to myself for eating and “gaining weight”. Only 18 years of age then, it was such a strong obsession with weight loss that I got sucked into.
Absolutely mental.
(In this 10-part series, our founder @cheryltaysg tells her story of how she suffered from eating disorders...) #rockthenakedtruth
  • Today I want to dedicate this to all the people out there who are struggling with their own shit and trying very hard to move on. You are trying, but yet seeing their photo or hearing their names still affects you. It’s ok, just work on pushing them out of your mind and one day you will realise they don’t matter at all. #rockthenakedtruth
  • Oprah Winfrey is an influential media mogul and the first African-American billionaire. But she came a long way...
She was born to a single teenage mother on welfare in rural Mississippi. She felt unwanted, as she was often shuttled back and forth from her grandmother’s to her mother’s, and then to her father’s by the time she was 14. •
She lived in poverty and suffered abuse for years. Life started for her on a small farm where her strict grandmother would hit her out of punishment. •
At 6, Oprah went to live with her mother in Wisconsin. Things didn’t get better as Oprah was neglected due to her mother’s long hours at work.
At 9, she was left in the care of her cousin who raped her. She continued to suffer sexual abuse by other relatives, including her mother’s boyfriend. Finally, she ran away from home at 13. •
At 14, she became pregnant but the baby died shortly after birth, leading her to depression and binge eating. She then moved in with her father, who turned her life around by insisting that she is more than what she was and believing she could be more. Under her father's guidance, Oprah became an honour student and rediscovered her flair for public speaking. •
These childhood traumas are very difficult to live with, but Oprah managed to overcome them and turned her life around to become the success she is today. Keep fighting and believe that you can. #rockthenakedtruth #rockceleb #realstories
@rockthenakedtruthsg is celebrating its 2nd anniversary on 17 Jan, 7pm at Registrations will open soon, but for now just keep this evening free please!! #rockthenakedtruth #RTNTturns2
  • Things happen for a reason. Don’t panic if something doesn’t go to plan; don’t worry when something unexpected occurs. Sometimes we find out why it happened much later in life, sometimes we never do. But always understand that these things lead to somewhere, so take it in your stride and rise above all! #rockthenakedtruth
  • SCSM x @rockrunnerssg! We had over 20 runners at this year’s SCSM again, so it was quite a party as we grew on the sidelines and continued to cheer! We were screaming for everyone, loudest when we screamed for our own (LOL). Congrats once again to everyone who took part yday! #rockrunnerssg #rockthenakedtruth #scsm2017